Regular Club Meeting Time and Location:

The club meets on via zoom on Thursdays, at 7:30 pm, September thru May.  In person meetings are held at the Community Center located in Haypath Road Park, 240 Haypath Road, Old Bethpage, NY 11904

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Syosset Camera Club Brochure
NEW!   Revised SCC HANDBOOK Feb 2024
January 2024 Viewfinder


1   Paula Greco – Light Painting (Haypath – fee for participation)
8   Competition via Zoom.  Judge:  Robert Ripps
15  Presentation TBD (Zoom)
22  Critique (Zoom)
29  LEAP YEAR! – (Zoom) possible theme night – pics of “leaps”


7    Meeting at Haypath
14  Competition via Zoom.  Judge:  Gary Randall
21  Presentation (Zoom) Hazel Meredith – Nik filters
28  Critique (Zoom)

PFLI Competition Scores 25 and above:


Digital A
Bonnie Forman- Franco-Syosset-‘Bringing Home the Bug Bacon’ 26
Debbie Garafola-Syosset-‘Daisy after the Rain’  25
Kathy Baca-Syosset-‘Mother and Child Reunion’  25
Digital BW
Robert Kaplan-Syosset-‘Bath Time’  25

Digital A
Robert Kaplan-Syosset-‘DeLorean Merlin’ 26
Digital B&W
Peter Newman-Syosset-‘The Bravest’ 25

Season 2022-23 Awards and Accolades