Regular Club Meeting Time and Location:

All meetings will be held via ZOOM this season until further notice.  Normally, the club meets on Thursdays at 7:30 pm September thru May, at the Community Center located in Haypath Road Park, 240 Haypath Road, Old Bethpage, NY 11904
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Meeting Calendar at a Glance

June 4 PFLI Leonard Victor Competition, Massapequa Bar Harbour Library at 1 PM
June 15 SCC Party at Haypath check your email for details

Congratulations to our 2022-23 High Scoring Club Members and Promotions!

First Place Moshe Markewitz Award:
BW Salon:  Valerie DeBiase
BWA:  Sandy Sommer (promoted to Salon for 2024)
BWB:  Debbie Garafola (promoted to A Group for 2024)
Projection Salon:  Sylvia Goldkranz
Projection A:  Barry Goldstein (promoted to Salon for 2024)
Projection B:  Debbie Garafola (promoted to A Group for 2024)
Creative:  Sylvia Goldkranz
Second Place:
BW Salon:  Sylvia Goldkranz
BWA:  Andrew Dubitsky
Projection Salon:  Bonnie Forman-Franco
Projection A:  Robert Kaplan
Projection B:  NA
Creative:  Roni Chastain
Third Place:
BW Salon:  Bonnie Forman-Franco
BWA:  Joseph Nightingale
Projection Salon:  Valerie DeBiase
Projection A:  Ellen Gallagher
Projection B:  NA
Creative:  Debbie Garafola

Congratulations to our First, Second and Third Place End Of Year Competition Winners!

1 Robert Kaplan
2 Debbie Garafola
3 Beth Glorioso
1 Sandy Sommer
2 Kathy Baca
3 Andrew Dubitski
1 Alan Agdern
2 Sylvia Goldkranz
3 Ira Scheinerman
Color B
1 Debbie Garafola
2 Beth Glorioso
Color A
1 Robert Kaplan
2 Steven Friedman
3 Ira Scheinerman
Color Salon
1 Sandy Sommer
2 Alan Agdern
3 Bonnie Forman-Franco
1 Ellen Gallagher
2 Beth Glorioso
3 Sylvia Goldkranz

Congratulations to our members scoring 25 and above at PFLI for the 2022-23 season:

DPA  Bonnie Forman-Franco “Goldfinch In Flight”  26
DBWII  Kathy Baca  “Bonnie and Clyde”  26
DBWIII  Robert Kaplan  “9-11 Lighting”   26
DBWIII  Valerie Debiase   “Leaving The Station”  26
DBWIII  Sylvia Goldkranz   “Solitude”   26
DPAII  Robert Kaplan  “Merlin”  26
CRE  Debbie Garafola   “Melting Peppers”  25
CRE  Sylvia Goldkranz    “FlowerPower”  26
DBW  Andrew Dubitsky    “Golden Beauty #4”  25
DBWII  Kathy Baca   “Isn’t She Lovely”  25
DBWIII  Valerie Debiase  “Building The Koz Bridge”   25
DPA  Bonnie Forman- Franco  “Watching the Flyby”  25
DPAII  Robert Kaplan  “Kestrel with cricket”  27
DPA   Alan Agdern” If Looks could kill”   26
DPAII Valerie Debiase “Old Art Deco Lobby”  26
DBWIII  Sylvia Goldkranz  “The Circular Path”  26
CRE  Debbie Garafola             Banana Surprise                25
CREII  Sylvia Goldkranz          LetTheWeekendBegin        27
DBW  Debbie Garafola             Behind Steel Bars              25
DBWII  Sandy Sommer            Timothy J Reflection           25
DPAIII  Valerie Debiase            Forgotten By Time              25