March Theme Competition: Seascapes, Boats and/or Nautical Subjects


This year the theme competition will be held in March.  The theme will be Seascapes, Boats and/or Nautical subjects.  All categories of competition will follow the theme.  It has been suggested that the subject of the theme be defined to avoid confusion and prevent the entry of non-compliant images; and that, gentle reader is the reason for this email.


  For this purpose, a seascape is a photograph that depicts an ocean or sea. Photos of lakes, ponds, rivers, brooks, streams, puddles, pools, etc. do not qualify.  Bodies of salt water connected to the ocean such as sounds (L.I. Sound) harbors and inlets for example are fair game.  As a practical matter, the sea will frequently be combined with land features such as rocks, trees, buildings or shoreline but the subject of the photograph must be that of a sea.


Pretty obvious but- anything that floats on water, moves under water or was designed to do that and conveys people and/or cargo qualifies. A boat may be an actual boat or ship or a model thereof.


This is a broad category encompassing anything related to Boats, and or boat/ship structures or equipment or seafaring culture.

Compliance with the theme will be a criteria employed by the judge.  If the judge does not see any relationship to theme he may disqualify the entry.