Awards 2018

Congratulations to our  PFLI Leonard Victor Competition Winners!

DPA PLANTS Third Place Sunil Chhatpar “Lily 415”
DPA OPEN Second Place Bonnie Forman Franco “I Know I’m Beautiful”
DPA SCENIC Third Place  Valerie DeBiase “Lobby of the Five and Dime”
DPB ANIMALS First Place Sandy Sommer “Colorful Monkey”
DPB PLANTS Second Place Frank Kirshenbaum “Lunch Time 149”
DPB OPEN Third Place  Sandy Sommer “Liberty Solace”
DPB SCENIC First Place & * Best B Digital Scott Kazenoff “A Mid Night Light House”
CREATIVE Third Place Sunil Chhatpar “Anneka”
CPB OPEN First Place Peter Herzog “Christmas Cactus”
CPA ANIMALS Third Place Chris Ferarra “Bird in Flight”
CPA OPEN First Place  Ira Scheinerman “Bonding”
BWA PEOPLE First Place Ira Scheinerman “Holy Man From Axon”
BWA OPEN First Place Marty Silverstein “Snow Leopard Cub”
BWA OPEN Second Pace Alan Agdern “Portrait of a Gorilla”

Congratulations to our PFLI All Stars 2018!

Alan Agdern + Super All Star List!
Chris Ferrara + Super All Star List !
Ira Scheinerman
Marty Silverstein + Super All Star List!
Peter Herzog
Alan Agdern
Ira Scheinerman
Chris Ferrara
Sandy Sommer